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In today’s competitive market it takes more than talent to succeed. It takes effort and commitment, dedication and devotion, and giving it your all, all the time. That’s the Speqta Media principle. And it’s the way we do things – for every business we work with.

Whether it’s developing new software or solutions to generate traffic, optimising your site visitors for higher conversions, or assessing third-party suppliers to fill key gaps, we are 100% committed to getting the job done, in a way that’s right for your business.

When you choose to partner with Speqta Media you get the tools you need to make effective data-driven decisions, maximise revenue, and take a leap to the next level in your ecommerce operations.


Product development

Speqta Media specialises in the development of unique products and solutions that generate value for ecommerce operations. Based on data and proven functionality, these smart technologies constantly learn and analyse the specific behaviours of your website traffic, suggesting optimised and more cost-effective ways of handling it to maximise efficiency and profitability. Widely used by clients worldwide our proprietary systems and solutions include:

  • Media and campaign management system – This exceptionally powerful system provides smart, sophisticated, and actionable insight into the ROI and profitability of various elements of your campaigns.
  • Website analytics – Our state-of-the-art analytics system delivers powerful insights into the types of traffic coming to your website, across various parameters. Provided in a simple, intuitive format, you are then able to make effective decisions, backed by the data that drives success.
  • Customised products and solutions – Speqta Media specialises in tailoring solutions to the precise needs of each operation, in a way that allows you to create the specific funnels and segmentation you wish to generate traffic, and pass on to your users.

Traffic optimisation

Generating traffic is excellent, but it needs to be the right traffic sent to the right place, to be really worthwhile. That’s where Speqta Media traffic optimisation comes in. We help you analyse all of the traffic that comes to your website, and create optimised tracking and funnels, to make the most of your existing traffic and ensure maximised revenues from every click.

Third-party supplier connections and assessments

Leveraging our proven expertise and powerful network in the digital space, Speqta Media is able to connect you with reliable media and traffic partners. This includes recommending the types of partners you should work with in order to meet your ROI goals, as well as negotiating the best deals, to ensure your long-term success.

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